My DIY version of Elsa's princess dress from the Disney movie "Frozen"

A month ago, my dear friend Angela asked if I could help with her daughter's birthday dress. She was having a princess theme party and the birthday girl Leila wanted to be Elsa, the snow Queen from Frozen. First I said.. Elsa who? lol yep you guess it right. I don't have any kids.. 

My friend explained  how the dress is sold out everywhere and handed me a H&M dress with a similar style and colour. She asked me if I could add fabric in the back to make a cape.. I already knew that I wanted to add way more than just a cape!

At first, I must admit I did not believe my friend when she said it was sold out and I went to the store to see the Frozen merchandise. I  was curious to see if I would find some Elsa shoes and I wanted to see the cape and maybe find the dress! How hard can this be to find a simple Disney dress?  I am used to sourcing all kind of impossible unusual clothing for jobs.. ha ha ha ha ha ha well she was right and I wasted my time. I left the Disney Store and I made my way to the fabric store. I had to get crafty!

Here is what I used to transform the H&M summer dress into a princess Elsa dress:

- Sewing machine

- Light weight fabric

- Sequins knit fabric  

- Fabric spray paint

- Ribbons with silver details

- Tulle with glitter in it

- Snowflakes charms

- Silver acrylic paint  

- Glitter glue in tube

- More glitters 


For the bodice of the dress, I used a stretchy sequinned knit Fabric and made it with a dropped V waistline, or also call a basque waist.. an important detail for a princess dress! Then I embellished the neckline with a pretty ribbon and I sew a little snowflake charm. The H&M dress was still underneath it all, it actually worked as a lining since the sequinned fabric was a little bit sheer. 

To make the skirt part fuller, I added a few layers of sparkly tulle. I also sew little snowflakes charms everywhere on the skirt that I got at my local jewellery supply store. Finally, I sprayed the entire skirt with sparkly fabric paint. Et voila!

Now for the cape.. I used the best polyester lining I could find. It's not ideal but it was the perfect color, light weight and I knew I could paint on it! I added a ribbon trim to the cape and then I drew my Frozen design on the fabric with silver acrylic paint. Finally, I added glittery fabric glue to add more glitter to my design. There was glitter everywhere. Actually, there is still glitters everywhere..

Here is the final result.. Princess Leila was happy! :)

Here I am doing face painting on a pirate and princess Jasmine from Aladdin :)

My friend Angela makes the best cake.. every years her cakes are so much fun! Check out this awesome Beauty and the Beast cake! 

Happy birthday Leila! Love you xxx

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