Tea dye fashion editorial

I truly LOVE doing creative photoshoot but I like to take my time and give it my best so I don’t do too many. But when the amazing Jukka Suutari contacted me to be part of ANHEDONIA, I couldn’t refuse!!

It was NOT going to be an easy job, It was a big shoot with 7 models, each needed a nude and a black look. Yep, 14 outfits in total. 

My biggest challenge was that the 7 nude looks needed a lot of work.. Everything had to look worn, dirty and old!! AND since none of that is in stores.. I had to do it myself starting with white Fabric. 

First I washed all the white fabric, shirts, tank tops, bras & underwear.

Then, I made A LOT of tea using about 40 tea bags! I added the tea and more boiling water in the sink where I had my fabric.  I used black tea bags to have that instant brown vintage look and it gave me immediate results!

Once I was happy with the colour, I dried everything in the dryer at high heat setting to set the stain. 

When dry, I sanded all the fabric, especially the edge using different sanding blocks. I used the fine 200-grit and even the corse 60-grit. Sometimes, I use my sanding machine! Depending on the area and the fabric type.

Since I wanted a dirty look, I added some dirt, movie dirt. I absolutely love aging garments and breaking down clothes. But for me, its like art and the fabric is like a blank canvas..

Finally, I bought 7 pairs of the cheapest heels I could find. I taped the sparkly outsole, the heels and I protected the inside. Then I spay painted with nude paint, sand the them up a bit and added some dirt! Voila! :) 

The shoes in progress..
Some of my accessories:
1. Silver Cuff by Aimée Kennedy of Fine and Good
2. Chain Shrug by Hoda Menshari Designs
3. Crystal necklace & earrings by Nadia Werchola
4. Necklace & earrings by Green Bijou
5. Earring by Jen Day

7. Aluminum rings by Jules Roman 
8. Custom rings and necklace by Marie-Eve Tremblay
Jewelry available at Made You Look

Fashion Styling by moi, Marie-Eve Tremblay
Hair & Makeup by Jukka Suttari with PLUTINO GROUP 
Photograph by David Krovblit
Set Sesigner Caroline Pandeli

Necklace by Nadia Werchola

Behind The Scene shoot of myself making sure everyone is dirty enough :)
Both sparkly necklaces by Green Bijou

Sequins blazer by Alexander McQueen
Custom ring by Marie-Eve Tremblay

Left: Striped men vest by Comme de Garçon
Middle: Victorian cape from Berman & Company Ltd.
Leather bodysuit by Northbound Leather  

Left: Leather shrug by Northbound Leather 
Leather bodysuit by Northbound Leather
Wild boar ring by Jules Roman 
Middle: Sequins blazer by Alexander McQueen
Custom ring by Marie-Eve Tremblay
Right: Leather fetish bodysuit by Northbound Leather
Snake ring by Jules Roman 

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