Best ad I have ever seen. Bravo JCVD and the drivers!

Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme on location in Spain.
The Scorpio Arm Camera Car was used for shooting the stunt.



Images © Spot Cinema

When I was in high school, I spent countless "nuits blanches" painting in my tiny bedroom. I would pretend to go to bed, rolled a dark towel at the bottom of my door so my dad wouldn't see the light and I would paint all night long listening to my Nirvana tape Nevermind over and over. 

I LOVE painting during the middle of the night. It's quiet, there no rush, no schedule, nowhere to go.. But most of all, I love painting because of the way it makes me feel. It makes me feel good. Twenty years later I am still a night owl, still love to paint but I have no time!

Until recently when the amazing George Simhoni from Westside Studio asked me to work on a job for the paint company Dulux. This was no ordinary job, I had to create a clothing collection with paint splatters for a fashion show, THE DULUX COLLECTION. Somebody pinch me? This is a dream job? With the one and only Nikki Ormerod shooting stills? Can this job get any better? 

My very helpful cat Cleopatra
My tools

Before Jackson pollock-ing any garments, I installed protective plastic film all around my living room and my kitchen. Even the ceiling, everything had to be cover. Do you watch Dexter? I even had a little table with all my tool set up. Just like Dexter. All I needed was some clothing and some paint to start my experiments!

Its a good thing that the Dulux store is minutes from my place because it took me hours to  make decision on colours. I walked-in with a very good idea of what I wanted, but I got overwhelm looking at all the other beautiful colours! It was very important to have nice colour combination so the splatter would have a good flow on the garment. Overall, I am very happy with all my colours.. except for the red. Even if I love red, It just looks like blood. It's ok for my apartment to look like Dexter just moved in but the blood splatter on my clothing was just not working. 

How to create the perfect splatter? I tried everything. From simple paintbrush, sponge, straws, sling shot and shoot glass, water guns, water balloons filled with paint. For a few days, my neighbour called me Dexter and I became a paint splatter analyst. Thanks to my good friend Nikki Ormerod that gladly volunteer to help by trowing me shot glasses full of paint.. That was great help Nikki thanks but but my best splattering option turned to be a turkey baster. Seriously! 

Once I had all my colour combinations figured out and successful messy experiments.. I was ready to start "The Dulux Collection"! This was such a fun job to do.. for me it was not work. I was no longer paint splattering a dress for my Dulux job, I was making art and I was loving it!

This is the white board that I used to do the accessories. It on on the floor in the previous picture. I decided to keep it, I love the way it "happen"

Crime scene

In action

My victims :)

Here is my "trophy",  THE DULUX COLLECTION fashion show! 


Director: George Simhoni
Photographer: Nikki Ormerod

Agency: Reason Partners, Jeff Plowman 
Creative Director: Peter Holmes
DP & Editing: Spot Cinema Inc.
Hair & Makeup: JukkaLisa Vella & Cait Mitzi
Stylist & Wardrobe: Marie-Eve Tremblay
Producer: Tom Nesbitt 
Assistants: Gabe Nivera, Marvin Kwan, Bryan Ulrich, Noel Araquel, & Laura Crowell

And some beautiful shoot by Nikki Ormerod and some clever ads to advertise the colours names..

Images © Nikki Ormerod
Images © Nikki Ormerod
Images © Nikki Ormerod

Images © Nikki Ormerod

Images © Nikki Ormerod 
Images © Nikki Ormerod 


Visit the Facebook Dulux page to create your own t-shirt! 

Mes pieds :)