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Ray Caesar

Kris Kuksi

Paul Laffoley
"The Geochronmechane: The Time Machine from the Earth"

Dean Chamberlain
"Light Body (flames)" & "Light Body (frost)"

Andrew Jones



Julia Roberts and hooker boots!


Pretty woman turned 20 this year! Yes, it already been 20 years and I remember like it was yesterday. Julia was only 21-22 years old! Great fashion statements in this movie that will mark the fashion history forever. Did you know that the original script was titled $3,000 ?

A then 21-year-old Julia Roberts sitting for two of her many color test shots
for Vance’s red opera dress.
Photo courtesy of the amazing costume designer Marilyn Vance.

A detailed sketch of the famous dress designed by Marilyn Vance, along with a swatch of the final color selection. More on Marilyn Vance here:

Vivian went from thigh-high patent boots to a floor-sweeping gown. The wardrobe is amazing in this movie! Julia Roberts was probably the first woman to make these F@#k me boots famous. Over the years, these hooker boots left the set of Pretty Woman to walk the top runway show in the world of fashion!

I love hooker boots.. my only advice is don't dress like a hooker while wearing them! :)

Here is a brief view of the thigh-high boots coming up this Fall 2010!!

On the Right: Haider Ackermann LASER CUT LEATHER HIGH BOOTS $1600.00
On the Left: Versace 120MM STRETCH LEATHER THIGH HIGH BOOTS $1280.00

Right: Nocholas Kirkwood 120MM SUEDE KNEE HIGH BOOTS $1133.86

Right: Roberto Cavalli 120MM EMBROIDERED SCUBA THIGH HIGH BOOTS $1053.86

More on Marilyn Vance here:


ideaCity 2010

Inspire me ideaCity!!!

50 Presenters, 3 Legendary Parties, a Ton of Inspiration!

ideaCity, also known as 'Canada's Premiere Meeting of the Minds', is an eclectic gathering of artists, adventurers, authors, cosmologists, doctors, designers, entertainers, filmmakers, inventors, magicians, musicians, scientists and technologists.

Fifty of the planet's brightest minds converge on Toronto each June to speak to a highly engaged audience. Only 700 are privileged to attend.

Produced and presented by Moses Znaimer, ideaCity is not themed around any one topic, issue or business. There are no scripted speeches or, breakout or parallel sessions. Rather, everyone is in one place and in on the same narrative.

Margaret Artwood
Canadian Literary Icon.. Hillarious!

Travi Gevinson - Fashion Wunderkind
14 years old blogger

Adora Svitak - Teacher, Youth Advocate and Author. She is now 13 and is world's youngest teacher and published author. Her first book at age 7!

Vanessa Hidary AKA “The Hebrew Mamita” (Def Poetry)
Spoken Word Artist. She is awesome.

Ukulele weeps by Jake Shimabukuro
This Youtube video stated everything for him.. has gotten over 5 million hits!

Natalie Tyler Tran- Video Blogger and Youtube Sensation
She is really funny and her video have been getting over 213 000 000 hits!!

Adam Cohen, son of Leonard Cohen.

Alex Cuba
Cuban-Canadian Singer-Songwriter.

Melissa Auf der Maur- Musician and Artist
Spend 1994 to 1999 as a songwritter and base player of Hole. Then in 2000 she join the Smashing Pumpkins for their farewell world tour. She is now a solo artist and been doing photography exhibited internationally.. Awesome!


Pop up stores!

Roots has opened 2 pop-up stores for the fabulous Roots X Douglas Coupland Collection. I had the pleasure to attend the launch on July 7th in Toronto and it was a HUGE success! Douglas had plenty of fans showing their love including The Most Serene Republic that performed their song "Pink Noise".

Douglas introducing "The Most Serene Republic"!

The Toronto pop-up store is located at:
680 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-916-1874

Vancouver pop-up store is located at:
36 Powell St.
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-677-0614

Shop online!

Happy shopping!!


Janelle Monáe - Do I hear album of the year?

Ahhh I ADORES Janelle Monáe !! She is the future. A little MJ.. a little James Brown, a dash of 3000 and a hole lot of uniqueness! Do I hear album of the year? Her style is.. Pop, Indie Pop, soul, Afro-punk, funk, dance-punk.. all of that with a bow tie! She is toxic, once you start to listen to her.. you are hooked! I first found out about her when she made a brilliant appearance on the Idewile album of Outcast back in 2006.. "Call the Law" and "In Your Dreams". Her album, The ArchAndroid was released on 18 May 2010 and I highly recommend it.. It is great! She plans to shoot a music video for each song on The ArchAndroid and create both a movie and graphic novel based on the album.

This bitch is only 25 and I really think she is here to stay!! Singer, songwriter, amazing dancer.. a great performer. I love her!.. can you tell? She's confident in her talent and have an amazing "strictly black and white" sens of style. Fashion icon in the making if you ask me! She's freaking beautiful and unique. I cannot get enough of it!

See it for yourself.. she makes me happy! :)




Ray Caesar ~ Ecstasy ~ 24" x 48" ~ 2008

Meta Gallery is a great little gallery on Ossington.. they always have AMAZING artist. From emerging photographer to internationally established painter. They just show cool stuff! For some time now, I have been infatuated with Ray Caesar. This amazing artist that think he is a dog.. Yep. Anyways, my good friend Ana and Joanne introduced me to his creativeness and it was l♥ve at first site! I was very excited to find out that Meta Gallery was going to show Ecstasy, a piece from Ray Caesar and I cannot wait to see it! I want it! I wonder how much it is ..?

Phantasmagoria will be on view from July 9 to August 25, 2010.

Gallery hours are Wed through Sat from 12-6 and Sun from 12-5.

The opening reception will be on Friday July 9th from 7-10pm.

Cathie Bleck, Ray Caesar and Kris Kuksi will be in attendance.

Phantasmagoria refers to among other things, “fantastical imagery in art”, an appropriate entry point into the wild and imaginative realms explored in the dark and hauntingly beautiful works of Ray Caesar and Andrew Jones, the futuristic and intricately detailed creations of Kris Kuksi and Paul Laffoley, the luminous and ethereal art of Dean Chamberlain and Mars-1 and the fluid and poetic scratchboard work of Cathie Bleck.

Meta Gallery
124 Ossington Ave. Toronto ON M6J 2Z5
t 416.955.0500


Ray Caesar ♥

Here is a retrospective of Ray Caesar's amazing work!
Born in London in 1958, Ray emigrated to Toronto with his family. He has spent the last five years working solely on his own artwork. A freaking genius if you ask me!!


For those of you who happen to be in jolly old England… Ray Caesar is exhibiting at the Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery in collaboration with the Corey Helford Gallery from May 14 – August 22, 2010