Runway Orgasme 2010

Runway Hits 2010!! LOVE!!!

Antonio Berardi


Haider Ackermann

Haider Ackermann very much anticipated menswear debut seem to ave been a success at the Pitti W trade show in Florence last week. I think he design his men's collection for Johnny Depp and Hugh Hefner! Do I love it?.. not really my love for his woman's collection still makes me a huge fan of Haider!

I love this look!

I see Hugh Hefner..


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Wearable ART

Last week, I had the pleasure to work with Roots and Douglas Coupland for the worldwide preview at ideacity 2010. Here are a few images of my week of Canada goes electric!

Ian, myself and Stephanie. Both looking electric for ET Canada!


Ian, Stephanie, Laura and Paul K. at ideacity 2010. All represented by Ford models.

Michael Budman, Moses Znaimer, Douglas Coupland and models. Ideacity 2010.

The Roots X Douglas Coupland collection is a limited-edition of apparel for women, men and children, accessories, leather goods, furniture, and art. The products will be available on July 8 in pop-up stores, select Roots stores and online. Price tags range from $3.99 CAD to $1973.00 CAD.

I MUST have this Motherboard Square Scarf $48.00 CAD

Test Pattern Scarf $38.00 CAD

I NEED this Kanga Hoody in my life!

Everyday Signature Tank $40.00 CAD and Signature T-Shirt $40.00 CAD

Everyone LOVE this Test Pattern T-Shirt Dress! $68.00 CAD

Men's Collector Tee $40.00 CAD

RootsxCoupland Award Jacket

Anniversary Jacket Regina $1973.00 CAD

Yes $1973.00 is an weird price for something but did you know that Roots was founded in 1973?

View this link for more info and more products:



"Canada Goes Electric"

Douglas Coupland. Writer. Novelist. Screenplay writer. Journalist. Filmmaker. Visual Artist. Sculptor. Graphic Designer. Furniture designer. Fashion designer ? YUP!

The ROOTS X DOUGLAS COUPLAND collection is very colorful and simply brilliant! There is TV test patterns bars, Hydro towers, satellites, circuit boards, pixel maple leaves, mooses, bears and beavers! Douglas Coupland long-life exploration of what it means to be Canadian.

"This partnership with Roots is an amazing opportunity to keep that dialogue going with an even wider, more diverse audience," he said in a release.

Roots co-founder Don Green said Coupland's designs show "his trademark humour and brilliance."

Coupland was born on a Canadian Air Force base in Germany and his family later settled in Vancouver. Though he is internationally known for his novels, he is also a trained visual artist and sculptor who has studied at B.C.'s Emily Carr College of Art and Design as well as design institutes in Italy and Japan. His books are translated into 35 languages and published in most countries around the world.

Novels by Douglas Coupland:
  1. Generation X (1991)
  2. Shampoo Planet (1992)
  3. Life After God (1994)
  4. Microserfs (1995)
  5. Polaroids from the Dead (1996)
  6. Girlfriend in a Coma (1998)
  7. Miss Wyoming (1999)
  8. All Families Are Psychotic (2001)
  9. Hey Nostradamus! (2003)
  10. Eleanor Rigby (2004)
  11. jPod (2006)
  12. The Gum Thief (2007)
  13. Generation A (2009)
  14. Player One: What Is to Become of Us (2010)

Non-Fiction by Douglas Coupland:
  1. Lara's Book--Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider Phenomenon (1998)
  2. City of Glass: Douglas Coupland's Vancouver (2003)
  3. Souvenir of Canada (2004)
  4. Terry (2005)
  5. Souvenir of Canada 2 (2005)

TV and the Internet are good because they keep stupid people from spending too much time out in public."
Douglas Coupland (JPod)

"Here's my theory about meetings and life: the three things you can't fake are erections, competence and creativity."
Douglas Coupland (JPod: A Novel)


Winter 2010 trends!

Fashion trend for winter 2010? It all about layering, pleated and draping creating new silhouettes. Adding sophisticated details, using new fabrics, different texture and the right colours.

Experts announce that chunky knits are going to be everywhere!

Gareth Pugh LEATHER AND SCUBA JACKET $ 3328.00





Delfina Delettrez available at www.luisaviaroma.com


Mussero Gioielli Available at www.luisaviaroma.com



All pieces are available at www.luisaviaroma.com


Sexy Heimlich Maneuver ?

I am still a fan of the brilliant Super Sexy CPR video but this heimlich maneuver video is a much better one that I remember watching while doing my first aid training to become a flight attendant! Fortnight Lingerie and the creative crew behind theses 2 videos are giving First Aid a brand new meaning!

On behalf of Fortnight Lingerie I now present to you THE sexiest Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts!

How many peoples lives will be saved by Fortnight Lingerie's videos?

Once again! BRA-freaking-VO!!!


Super Sexy Abdominal Thrust from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.


Dear artists.. stop prostituting yourself!

"It's going to be great exposure for you!" or .. "This is going to be great for your book!" .. You also must have experience, be fabulous and have connections with high end designers .. Really? bla bla bla.. Doing free work should only be for getting experience when you are starting up. To all artists out there.. Stop prostituting yourself! Watch this.. trust me!

Douglas Coupland’s amazing home

Spools of thread are on display as they would be in a tailor shop, another nod to Mr. Hirst's work. When guests come over to the house Mr. Coupland invites them to pull on the string.

"I collect shapes." - Coupland

The New York Times Home & Garden. The House Next Door.
Martin Tessler for The New York Times. Published: 2009-08-12

A look inside Douglas Coupland’s art-filled second home, a midcentury house in Vancouver, British Columbia, that sits directly behind his own.

For more amazing pictures of Coupland's house, check out this link:!

For more on Douglas Coupland:


Haider put a spell on me ♥

Myself and the amazing Haider Ackermann

Haider, thank you for all the goosebumps you gave me last Tuesday. It was my first time in a museum and it was amazing! I wish it would of lasted all night long.." Of course, I am talking about Haider Ackermann's fashion show on June 1 at the ROM. This successful event was organized by the High-End Yorkville boutique, 119 Corbo, the exclusive Toronto retailer for Haider Ackermann.

This master designer draper "put a spell on" everyone in the room showing the most spectacular pieces, perfectly odd models and a powerful music
."I put a spell on you" of both Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Marilyn Manson complimented the Collection à merveille! I had some the best chocolates! So much that I lost count of how many pieces I savored.. some Leonidas fresh Belgian chocolates perhaps?

outfit coming out was my favorite.. all the way until the end. He saved the best for last. It was a stunning floor lenght dress and yes, it was my favorite! A true piece of Art. A piece of Art that belongs in a museum. :)

It was a beautiful show and I am speechless by his talent & vision. I had the pleasure to meet him after the show and he is immediately lovely! There no dough that Haider has already put his creative mark in the world of high fashion.

All the images are from: www.style.com

I really wish you would of been there! Here it is on Youtube: