Motorcycle Culture & Celebrity Bikers

Motorcycle Culture & Celebrity Bikers

Photographer, Bryan Helm has a particular interests in biker photography. He is amazing at capturing the coolest looking bikers around! Yes.. his work is so great that it will be on exhibition stating today and you are all invited!

BY Bryan Helm

- Toronto CONTACT Festival -

From May 19 to May 29 2011

reception is Thursday, May 19Th, 2011 from 6-10 pm

258 Wallace Ave. Ste 109C

Here is some of Bryan's biker photography:

I have always wanted a motorcycle.. but went I was younger I wanted a chopper!! I get that passion from my dad. I love that amazing feeling of freedom and "rebelliousness" when you are on a bike!! It's like flying!

Did you know that the word chopper actually come from the post World War 2 era? Yep, In order to make their motorcycle go faster, service mans remove/chop unnecessary parts of their motorcycle. Then they added a longer fork and higher handlebars. Best of all.. custom choppers always have incredible bad ass art work!

When I was 17, I did art work on motorcycle helmets using airbrush and paint. My airbrush pen was a gift from this great tattoo artist from Quebec. He like my paintings and he made me premise that I would never stop doing art. He thought me a lot and he inspired me to always wanna create and to follow my dreams. Few weeks later, I moved from Quebec City to Toronto and I was calling "Jim Davis/Garfield" office asking them if I could work for him! :)

Life is too short for traffic. ~Dan Bellack

There are two types of people in this world, people who ride motorcycles,and people who wish they could ride motorcycles. ~Author Unknown

Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window. ~Author Unknown

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"Motorcycle Culture & Celebrity Bikers"

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Wingsuit Base Jumping.. WOW!

Other than the wingsuit.. this video has nothing to do with fashion but it is an amazing video to watch! My favorite part is "Now it's getting boring so we play around" !

Youtube link



Talon Cuff $1100

Super edgy New York jewellery designer Pamela Love makes the kind of jewelry that you either LOVE or don't care for it. I LOVE with all my heart!

Her creations are the kind that
provokes conversation and could stop traffic! Pamela has an interesting story, she comes from a medical background and prior to becoming a jewellery designer freaking genius, she was a fashion stylist in NYC. Jewellery making was more of a hobby until the day that she had to create some pieces for a photo shoot and the orders started coming and haven't stop ever since!

The inspiration behind her amazing creations come from different details in nature, science, astronomy, mythology, religion, ritual, magic, different culture and her work always have a macabre concepts. All pieces are created and detailed by hand in New York city. Her team uses 14k gold, Sterling silver, bronze, brass incorporating stones from quartz and obsidian to sapphires and champagne diamonds. She has collaborated with many great designers such as Zac Posen and artist like Lady Gaga. Pamela said in an interview that she was planning on creating some pieces at a lower price point. Yay because I WANT IT ALL!

Here is video look book for her latest Spring Summer 2011 collection. Her latest collection focus on traditional pieces worn by women in Africa, India, and South America that symbolize protection. Be careful, you might fall in LOVE! Enjoy!

Pamela Love from The Milk Group on Vimeo.

More LOVE..

The Mammoth Talon Cuff $2950
Claws are carved out of 10-30,000 year old fossilized Siberian woolly mammoth tusk bark.
Hurry since it is limited to 14 pieces!

Moon Cuff $460
Antique Bronze or Silver

Shelley Cuff $600.00.
Bronze Patina, Brushed Silver over Bronze or 14k Gold over Bronze

Two Tone Spike Cuff $700
Sterling Silver & Brass

Five Point Star Bangle $425
Brass or Brass with Circle

Two Tone Stake Cuff $425
Sterling Silver with Bronze Spike or Bronze with Silver Spike

Single Spike Ring $253
Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver with Champagne Diamonds that is $3565 :)

Tree Finger Spike Ring $690
Bronze, Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver with Sapphires

Tribal Spike Necklace $225
Antique Silver, Antique Bronze

Crescent Moon Necklace $675
Antique Bronze or Antique Silver

Medium Tribal Spike Necklace with Quartz Crystals $750.
Antique Bronze or Antique Silver with Quartz Crystals.

She also created this limited edition purses collection for Revolve Clothing. The collection has a rocker chic flapper 1920′s vibe entirely made out of metal and cost $3000.

You can see more of her amazing pieces here or on Pamela Love's website

You can find Pamela Love at:
49 Ossington Ave. Toronto, Ontario

** Please note that the prices may vary.. I got them from various different websites and some indicated different numbers.. but at least it will give you an idea of the price point! Her current prices goes from ninety to a couple thousand retail.



Move over cake boss!! :)

I made this Hot Wheels cake for a special boy's turning 6 years old. He was very happy and his reaction simply made my day! It was a double layer vanilla cake with delicious butter cream icing covered of fondant. All home made. This is my second time experimenting with fondant and I can't wait to start my third one! It's very time consuming but it is sooo much fun!

Here are some pictures of the making of my Hot Wheels cake!

My work table :)

Double Layer Vanilla Cake with Butter cream icing

Cake board covered with fondant

Shaping a car out of a cake

The birthday boy had blue eyes and light blond hair.

Happy Birthday 6th Henry!