Add sexy to your home with stone tile.. and this advertising campaign

When I am on set, so much is going on in my mind and I always need to be focus ready for what I have to do next.. BUT sometime it's really hard to concentrate.. and stone tile was one of these jobs! It was such a fun project to be part of and for obvious reason.. everyone was smiling. All day.

The amazing photographer and my great friend Nikki Ormerod is the talented photographer that capture the sexyness out of these 3 "tile installers".. Who thought installing tiles was so.. hum hum fascinating :)

Now for anyone interested in the wardrobe part.. the idea was that the clothing should blend nicely into each sets with the same color tones as the tiles. So I visited Westside studio to see the amazing sets that was getting built in studio and I left with a few very heavy tile samples.. I went shopping for Dark brown for Maciel, dark grey for Eric and light grey everything for Steve B. 

Here are my hard working men.. looking perfect! 

Here is Maciel Mendes from Sutherland

Eric Q from B&M

 Steve B from Elmer Olsen 

Its a wrap on stone tile advertising campaign Add sexy to your home!

Client: stone tile

Agency: Union Creative Director:  Lance Martin
Art Director: Lorraine Sit Writer: Marisa Faustino
Photographer:  Nikki Ormerod
Producer:  Phaedra Kennedy
Wardrobe styling: Marie Eve Tremblay

Hair/Makeup/sweat: Cait Mizzi

And to make it look even more monochromatic, I spray painted all the tools overnight in my back parking lot! Here is some picture of the tools that I taped and painted. I had ladder, buckets, gloves, measuring tapes, sponges, tool belts for everyone and all kind of other tools that is normally used while installing tiles. It was so much fun to do! 

Look out for the billboards around town and in the August issue of House & HomeAzure and Style at Home. 


My DIY version of Elsa's princess dress from the Disney movie "Frozen"

A month ago, my dear friend Angela asked if I could help with her daughter's birthday dress. She was having a princess theme party and the birthday girl Leila wanted to be Elsa, the snow Queen from Frozen. First I said.. Elsa who? lol yep you guess it right. I don't have any kids.. 

My friend explained  how the dress is sold out everywhere and handed me a H&M dress with a similar style and colour. She asked me if I could add fabric in the back to make a cape.. I already knew that I wanted to add way more than just a cape!

At first, I must admit I did not believe my friend when she said it was sold out and I went to the store to see the Frozen merchandise. I  was curious to see if I would find some Elsa shoes and I wanted to see the cape and maybe find the dress! How hard can this be to find a simple Disney dress?  I am used to sourcing all kind of impossible unusual clothing for jobs.. ha ha ha ha ha ha well she was right and I wasted my time. I left the Disney Store and I made my way to the fabric store. I had to get crafty!

Here is what I used to transform the H&M summer dress into a princess Elsa dress:

- Sewing machine

- Light weight fabric

- Sequins knit fabric  

- Fabric spray paint

- Ribbons with silver details

- Tulle with glitter in it

- Snowflakes charms

- Silver acrylic paint  

- Glitter glue in tube

- More glitters 


For the bodice of the dress, I used a stretchy sequinned knit Fabric and made it with a dropped V waistline, or also call a basque waist.. an important detail for a princess dress! Then I embellished the neckline with a pretty ribbon and I sew a little snowflake charm. The H&M dress was still underneath it all, it actually worked as a lining since the sequinned fabric was a little bit sheer. 

To make the skirt part fuller, I added a few layers of sparkly tulle. I also sew little snowflakes charms everywhere on the skirt that I got at my local jewellery supply store. Finally, I sprayed the entire skirt with sparkly fabric paint. Et voila!

Now for the cape.. I used the best polyester lining I could find. It's not ideal but it was the perfect color, light weight and I knew I could paint on it! I added a ribbon trim to the cape and then I drew my Frozen design on the fabric with silver acrylic paint. Finally, I added glittery fabric glue to add more glitter to my design. There was glitter everywhere. Actually, there is still glitters everywhere..

Here is the final result.. Princess Leila was happy! :)

Here I am doing face painting on a pirate and princess Jasmine from Aladdin :)

My friend Angela makes the best cake.. every years her cakes are so much fun! Check out this awesome Beauty and the Beast cake! 

Happy birthday Leila! Love you xxx