Cupcake costume à la mode!

I absolutely LOVE Halloween! Free candy everywhere, fun spooky decorations and best of all.. we get to play dress up! I especially love how some people really put a creative effort on their costume. This year, my costume was.. an "out of the box" challenge!

A week ago I received a phone call from the Toronto Star asking me if I was interested to participate in the Halloween "out of the box" challenge for the Living Section. They were asking a 12 years old boy, a crafty dad and myself to make a Halloween costume using a box. A few days later, there was a picture of me in the Toronto Star.. dressed as a cupcake!! 

The challenge consisted in making a Halloween costume out of a 6-cubic-foot box, paint and a roll of tinfoil. So many ideas came to my mind but I really wanted to make a cupcake!

The challenge also allowed me to add 3 other elements of my choice. So I added a lampshade to create the base of the cupcake, the fabric for the icing and I used Styrofoam balls for stuffing,  to make the silver balls and for the cherry on top! 

Et voilà! My "Cupcake à la mode" costume..



  1. Very creative and fun! the cherry goes on top of the head for better effect I think!