Haider Ackermann

Meet Haider Ackermann

Haider signature: Avant-garde silhouettes, edgy fabrics, evocative draping and somber aesthetic. His layering and draping never ceases to amaze me. Ackermann has a soigné way with the simplest of materials. He can drape anything and what he does with leather could drive Rick Owens insane!! His sensitivity with drape and textures shows through in every collection.

Bio: Haider Ackermann was born in 1971 in Santa Fe de Bogotá, Columbia and adopted by French parents. He grew up in many cities throughout Africa and Europe before joining The Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. He attended for three years and he worked for various labels including interning at Galliano's Paris office. I think I would actually pay Galliano to intern with him!! :) Belgium is famous for many things: lace, waffles, French fries, beers and Leonidas chocolate. You can now add fashion designer Haider Ackermann to the list!

Ackermann's clothes are modern clothes for strong women. Women who CRAVE uniqueness. He does not believe a women should wear a lot of colors.. he really keep a subtle color palette. The structure, the clean and long line of his garment is unbelievable!

Ackermann will be venturing into new territory: men’s wear. He will unveil his first men’s looks during the Pitti W trade show in Florence in June. I can only imagine how amazing his Collection will be! He is a very interesting men.. He has a fashion show coming up in Toronto and it would be a such an honor to meet him!

You can find his latest collections at 119 Corbo in Yorkville.


Enjoy the shows!

Ready-to-Wear - Spring/Summer 2010

Ready-to-Wear - Fall/Winter 2010


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  1. He was born in Colombia no Columbia!!