The Hells Angels want their winged skull back!

Oh no.. someone in the McQueen team didn’t do their homework, and it’s going to be a costly lesson! The Hells Angels have filed suit against British fashion designer Alexander McQueen for copying their skull and wings logo!
On the left, you see a Blazer from McQueen Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. On the right, the Hells Angels 'Death Head' logo on the back of a jacket. The symbol has been used by the Hells Angels since at least 1948, and that it is protected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Most people know better than to mess with a motorcycle club!! I am quite shock to know that is happening! Not only McQueen used the exact logo but he also name his pieces using words like "Hells" and "Angels". It is no secret that skulls have been very popular on the runways and a big inspirations to lots of designers all around the globe.. but McQueen should have change his design just a little. That collection.. was amazing but I always thought that McQueen had the group’s permission. The Hells Angel are also suing Sasks Fifth Avenue and Zappos for selling the goods.

“This isn’t just about money, it’s about membership. If you’ve got one of these rings on, a member might get really upset that you’re an impostor,” says Fritz Clapp, attorney for the Hells Angels.
Here are the few items that The Hells Angels Corporation is claiming that McQueen copied their logo.. The ring and the clutch has been remove from McQueen's website.. Sold out or removed?

The Hells Four-Finger Ring by Alexander McQueen, $495

Handbag designed by McQueen called “Hell’s Knuckleduster box clutch” for $2,325

The Flaming Skull Jacquard box dress is listed on McQueen’s website for $1,595

The Hells Angels and Devils Silk Scarf by Alexander McQueen, $475

This item is fine with the Hells Angels.. I just had to put a picture of it because I LOVE it!
McQueen’s Angels leather faithful hobo bag sold for $1995.00

Representatives for Saks, Zappos.com and Alexander McQueen, witch is owned by Gucci group refused to comment. Gucci Group is owned by PPR, a global player in retail and luxury goods with a very luxurious portfolio I might add. Earlier this week, Jany Temime, Harry Potter costume designer was accused of copying an Alexander McQueen dress for a scene in the latest Potter movie. Busy week for the Gucci group!!
The Hells Angels have successfully sued before. Back in 2006, they sued Disney for using the Hells Angels name and membership images in its script for the film "Wild Hogs."The gang withdrew the complaint after receiving assurances that its marks would not appear in the film from Disney. I hate to say it.. but the Hells have a good case against the amazing Alexander McQueen.


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