Soldiers fighting on the Front Lines

Photography. A more powerful message does not exist and the photographers of this exhibition are sending a very powerful message with the most touching war photography. Photography that captured the courage and the fear of the day-to-day life of a fighting soldier.

Don't miss the opening Reception on Wednesday, May 26, from 7pm to 11pm at Steam Whistle Brewing and meet the talented artists. The exhibition will be on display from Monday May 24 to Monday May 31 2010.

Brendan Meadows - Photographer / Creator
Matt Robinson - Creator / Curator / Stylist


War embodies the ultimate failure of humanity. Yet it persists through generations; even today, images from Afghanistan present Canadians with irreconcilable feelings of resigned necessity and ethical horror. Robert Capa's masterful photographs of The Spanish Civil War portrayed the brutality of battle while exposing a poignant yearning for civilian normalcy among its idealistic combatants. Front Lines, inspired by Capa's indelible scenes from the first 'media war', reminds us that the camaraderie of men drawn by a sense of duty to an imperfect moral calling can reveal fleeting moments of disarming grace bound by unspeakable tragedy.


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