The Psychology of color in fashion

   Back in 1686, Richard Waller “Table of Physiological Colors Both Mixt and Simple” offered a handy table for cross-referencing colors one might find in nature samples.

 And here is the 2013 version.. 


  1. Lovely post. Thank you very much. Do you think colour associations vary between cultures and regions?

    1. Yes, I do believe it vary from culture to culture. For example, I am an Indian Muslim and love Green Colors of all shades, but the majority community of my country doesn't like it too much as they deem it as the color of "Muslims". So, I strongly feel the color theory can't be apply universally in the same context.

  2. Would you happen to have references to mixed colors and meanings behind the color combinations you could suggest? For example- if someone combined deep blue with blue purple, charcoal gray, and bright (neon) green, and bright pink?

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  4. They all start out by "positive", which just proves that it is psychobabble and they do not know what they are talking about. Waste to read.

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