“Born in Canada, living in London, made in Italy”


My favorite Canadian fashion Designers, Dean and Dan from DSquared. Quick bio: Canadian twin brothers moved to Milan in 1991 to pursuit their fashion dreams. They wanted to be different, they had a goal and worked really hard for it.. and they made it Big!

Myself, Dean and Dan or.. Dan and Dean

I have been a huge fan for numerous years and this amazing duo just keep getting better! With their refined Italian tailoring skills and an amazing attention to details, the designers always been proud of their Canadian background. Don't be surprise to see images of the Niagara Falls, forest, bears, moose's or even beavers on their clothing. Best of all, the clothing is extremely well made, high quality and the pieces are wearable for all of us people that don't walk on a runway everyday! DSquared always seem to have the perfect combination of style, music and spectacle!

Did you know that Dean and Dan’s clothes are featured in Madonna’s “Don’t Tell Me” video, and they created more than 150 pieces of clothing for the Drowned World tour? They’ve had countless celebrity moments but Madonna was a big deal. She was such an inspiration for them and now she is a big fan! That's accomplishment.

“Real clothes for real people”, –is how Dean and Dan Caten like to define their clothing.

I l♥ve the cuff but £315?

Shoes £841 and Necklace is £250

Clutch £685 and this crazy backpack £725

An other crazy backpack for £940 and the clutch £540

Very me. I love it! £130

Amazing Jeans £261

Jeans £370

Adorable rain boots £164

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