Best videos tutorials I have ever seen! Worth watching even if you can tie your own tie with your eyes closed. Brilliant videos, très sexy!
ALEXANDER OLCH, Knot Yourself!
Starring the beautiful Aurelie Claudel. Directed by Matt Lenski. 
Featuring the song “Fashion Party” by Danielle Luppi.

How to Tie a Tie, Version Française
Starring the models Aurelie Claudel and Julia Frauche.  
Shot by Francesco Carrozzini.

Here are a few interesting facts about ties:

  • 80 % of ties sold in the US are purchased by women.
  • A quality silk tie require about 110 silkworm cocoons.
  • It's possible to buy a bulletproof tie, it would stop a 9mm bullet.
  • There's 85 possible ways to tie a tie. But really, there is only four knots to worry about. The four-in-hand knot, the Pratt knot, the fancy half-Windsor and the very fancy Windsor knot!
Four in Hand is the easiest and most popular knot. It only takes four steps and works with most collars.     

The Pratt knot – Also known as the Shelby or the Nicki knot. This one takes six steps, but gives you a tighter smaller knot at the neck.

The fancy half-Windsor takes a whopping NINE steps!

The very fancy Windsor requires the same number of steps but you finish with much thicker knot.

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