Eve Gravel's collection booth O-44!

I had the chance to see Eve Gravel's collection for Fall-Winter 2010-2011 and it is A-mazing!!
She is at booth 0-44 at the One of a Kind show until December 5th. Eve is a well known Canadian designer based out of Montreal and every year her collection kick ass! Good job my beautiful Eve! Her line is unique, great pieces for the stylish women that likes to wear pieces that nobody else have! Yes, I buy H&M but so does thousands of other people! Best of all.. her clothing is made in Canada. I recently did a shoot using the Eve Gravel Simplicity Dress (3rd in the picture bellow) and I have been thinking about it ever since! I must get it!


Eve Gravel Iva Dress $164
Eve Gravel Serpant a Sonnette Dress $162
Eve Gravel Simplicity Dress $140

Eve Gravel Chanel Jacket $266
Eve Gravel Colimacon Top CA$ 106.00

Eve Gravel Over Size Top CA$ 126.00
Eve Gravel Tunique Zebra CA$ 114.00
Eve Gravel Leg Me Alone Legging CA$ 110.00

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You can also find Eve Gravel's collection at:
Charlie, Distill Gallery, Frock, Mudshak, Shop Girls and Yoka.

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