RUNAWAY by Kanye West

There is a lot of buzz on the internet about Kanye West new music video "Runaway". It will seem genius work to people who think Kanye is a genius, and a stupid waist of time to people who think he is stupid. It has to be one of the most ambitious and expensive ‘music video’ ever made, that is if you can put it in the category of a music video since it is 34 minutes long!

Personally I thought the visuals were amazing! The fire, the brilliant costuming and my favorite scene was with the ballerinas. There are a few things that still escape me.. such as the all black people table served by only white people? Or the Michael Jackson's head floating around was a little creepy to me. Is Kanye trying to hard to be known as a genius?

Directed by Kanye West. Part-time asshole and part-time brilliant musician! He is a talented men but he should take some acting classes.. :)

Starring model Selita Ebanks, she is rep by Women Management based out of New York, Milan and Paris. She worked as a Victoria's Secret Angel from 2005-2008, been featured in the famous sports illustrated and appeared on the third season of Celebrity Apprentice. In this short movie, she plays a fallen Phoenix who falls in love with Kanye West's character.. If you are a guy.. well she is the one prancing around for 34 minutes in feather lingerie looking super hot.

Costume Design by Josef Cechota.. Phillip Lim did all the costume along with Martin Izquierdo (The master of Victorias Secret's wings!) Amazing job! Selita's costume was absolutely divine. It was made of an amazing mass of sexy skin tone feathers placed ever so strategically. Kanye wanted Selita to appear fully nude.. why am I not surprise? She said "No sir, that's not gonna happen!" LOL

Written by Hype Williams, a genius that has worked on at least 200 music videos!

Art Director Vanessa Beecroft, one of my FAVORITE artist of all time!

★ Kanye West "RUNAWAY" lyrics here

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