Tom Binns Alice in Wonderland

I often say that jewelry has an amazing power when it's time to sparks an outfit missing that "je ne sais quoi"! Famous jewelry designer Tom Binns would surely agree with me on that one! You have seen many of his piece of art in all of the top fashion magazine and is only carried in the fanciest stores around the world. Some of his One of a kind vintage pieces can go for as much as $50 000!!!

Thankfully, his prices are a little more affordable for his latest obsession with the movie Alice in Wonderland. I must see the magic of Tim Burton on big screen! From the outrageous costumes, to the makeup and the really stunning Johnny Depp!

Here are
some of my favorites jewelry pieces inspired by the movie from many jewelry designers. A fabulous mixture of cuteness, childhood fantasies and truly a visual orgy for my eyes!

Tom Binns Multi-Layered Queen of Hearts Necklace $217
Tom Binns Alice Keyhole Necklace $155
Tom Binns Mad Hatter Wrap Bracelet $178
Disney Couture Alice In Wonderland Roses Are Red Necklace $879
Disney Couture Alice In Wonderland Open For Choice Necklace $579

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